SURE! is a one stop for refurbished Hero two-wheelers. Passed through stringent industry norms and strict control, you are assured of the best pre-owened two wheelers. At a fair price and a year's warranty, Hero guarantees you a peaceful ride.

We follow these guidelines for buying a pre-owned two-wheeler:

  • The two-wheeler should be registered at the local R.T.O., outstation registrations are not accepted.
  • The two-wheeler should not be more than 5 years old or have completed more than 40,000 kms, whichever is earlier.
  • The two-wheeler should not have undergone any kind of accident, misuse, commercial use, etc., in the past, which would make it unfit to qualify Hero     Refurbishing Standards.
  • The two-wheeler should not have changed ownership more than twice in the past.
  • All important documents like residence proof, registration certificate, insurance policy etc., required for completing the sale process, should be made     available, in original, by the existing customer.

We follow these guidelines for refurbishing a pre-owned two-wheeler:

  • The two-wheeler is refurbished as per the HHML " Refurbishment Quality Standards" including the repair jobs identified in the evaluation sheet or at a later     date during refurbishing.
  • Refurbishment is done at the refurbishment workshops by a HHML trained technician.
  • All refurbished two-wheelers undergo a stringent '110 point' check and are inspected & certified "OK" by a HHML service engineer before they are deemed     fit for dale.
  • All two-wheelers are free of any theft, misuse or major accidents in the past.
  • All refurbishment jobs carried on a particular two-wheeler are recorded in the history card for future use during warranty claims.

Warranty and Free Services on the refurbished pre-owned two-wheelers:


Hero SURE! outlets warrant all the pre-owned two-wheelers refurbished and sold through its exclusive pre-owned two-wheeler showroom, to be free, under normal use and condition, from any defect, both in material and workmanship, subject the following terms and conditions:

Terms & Conditions

  • All Hero SURE! certified pre-owned two-wheelers are warranted for a period of 1 year or 10,00 kms, from the date of pirchase, whichever is earlier.
  • If a defect is observed in any Hero SURE! refurbished two-wheeler, the Hero outlet's only obligation/liability is to repair or replace those part / parts which is / are considered to be the cause of malfunction, free of charge of both labour and material, when the Hero outlet acknowledges that such malfunction has not come out of misuse / improper handling, etc.Such defective refurbished two-wheeler should be briught to the outlet by the owner for necessary inspection and subsequent repairs.


  • The hero SURE! authorised refurbishment outlet shall offer two free services and one bonus service on each refurbished pre-owned two-wheeler sold     through its pre-owned showroom.
  • The free services should be availed as per the recommended service schedule given in the owner's manual, i.e. at every 2000-2500 kms from the previous     odometer readingt.

We follow these guidelines for selling a pre-owned two-wheeler:

  • All "OK" certified refurbished two-wheelers are displayed in the exclusive pre-owned two-wheeler showroom for sale.
  • Selling price for each refurbished two-wheeler is decided as per the HHML pre-owned two-wheeler pricing model.
  • Owner's manual is issued to the customer at the time of delivery with all details completely filled in, whereever required.
  • The sales person will explain operations, warranty, terms & conditions, service & maintenance tips and hand over the documents, took kit, etc. to the customer and obtain the customer's signature on the delivery certificate given in the owner's manual. The dealer's copy of the delivery certificate is retained for records.
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