Limitations of Warranty

The warranty shall not apply:

  • If any of the free services or subsequent paid service is not availed as per the recommended service schedule given in the owner's manual.

  • If Hero recommended engine oil SAE- 10 W 30 SJ Grade (JASOMA) is not used.

  • To normal wear and tear components like bulbs, electrical wiring, filters, spark plugs, clutch plates, brake shoes, fasteners, shims, washers, oil      seals, gaskets, rubber parts, plastic components, chain and sprockets and in case of wheel rim misalignment or bend.

  • If there is any damage due to modification or fitting of accessories other than the ones recommended by Hero.

  • If the two-wheeler has been used in any competitive events like track races or rallies.

  • If there is any damage to the painted surface due to industrial pollution or other extraneous factors.

  • If there is any damaged caused due to usage of improper oil/grease, non genuine parts.

  • For two-wheelers which have been used for any commercial purposes as taxi etc.

  • For maintenance repairs required due to misuse while driving or due to adulteration of oil, petrol or due to bad road conditions.

  • For consumables like oil, grease etc. used during free services or used during warranty repairs.

  • If any part of the vehicle is tampered/repaired by unauthorized persons/workshops etc.

  • For two-wheelers not used in accordance with the owner's manual supplied with each two-wheeler by Hero.

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